Smart Moves

Last weekend saw a full grid of Corbeau Seats and Luke Harnesses in the first two rounds of the 4Two Cup by Smarts4you Racing. An eventful weekend was had on track at Donington with a very wet qualifying round and Charlie Burt in the number 9 car proving how well Corbeau Seats and Luke Harnesses did their job after ending up on his side at the Old hairpin.

A drier track for race one saw some great action on track especially between female racer Sarah Franklin and one of the novices of the weekend, and Paul bates ending up in the grave. Race two really proved testament to how well the cars are built and the quality of the safety equipment in these little cars when Charlie Burt managed to walk away after barrel rolling down at the old hairpin. With the race resuming after the yellow flag David Moore was pleased to take the top spot on the podium.

You can watch the next round of the 4Two Cup on July the 23rd and 24th at Castle Coombe.