Crushed Cookie

Louise Cook, Female British Rally Driver was all set for the last round of the British Rally Championship Challenge last weekend at the Trackrod Rally in Scarborough.

This was Louises first full season and was poised to take 3rd in the championship, she was laying 3rd junior going into the last round. However the last rally has taken its toll on her Fiesta and a full engine rebuild was required, this was a hard challenge to endure due to limited funding and resources and time was against Louise and her team. Having overcome all of these obstacles and working through the night, at 4am the team had to admit defeat when the new engine failed to start after a faulty component was found.

Despite all of this Louise has had a fantastic first season and proved that rallying is not just for the boys. She had some top ten finishes and has become RC4 Champion.

Louise is dedicated to her rallying and is looking forward to coming back next year more determined and confident now her first year is over with and has set herself the target to get on the podium in 2011.

Well done Louise what a great first year.