Market Leaders In Sports Seats Since 1963

Corbeau was founded nearly 50 years ago by Colin Folwell – a history of serving the motorsports industry that we are incredibly proud of. In the years since, Corbeau have become market leaders in the manufacture of sports seats, race seats and bucket seats for all levels of competition and serious road use. Colin Folwell founded the company back in 1963 when he started racing and was unable to find a safe motorsports seat that provided sufficient lateral support and comfort for the driver, particularly when cornering at higher speeds than normal road driving. Back at his workshop, he made himself a race seat, which other drivers soon appreciated as being perfect for competition use and before long, orders started to come. With this endorsement from his fellow drivers, Corbeau was formed and Colin embarked on a process of driver led research and development that has been in the Corbeau DNA for over forty years.

Today, Colin remains the Managing Director at Corbeau and welcomes you to our online home.

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“I started Corbeau back in 1964 when I was competing in club motorsport throughout the UK. It was the discomfort experienced while racing due to the inadequate seating that prompted me into making some prototype race seats. Once installed, other drivers were soon enquiring where they could buy the seats and orders started to come, thus Corbeau was born. This personal involvement in motorsport over the years has helped develop the range of sports seats to where it is today.

Corbeau was the first manufacturer of competition seats in the UK and now has a strong position at home, but also exports race seats and sports seats to over 50 countries around the world. Today, we have a full range of seats for our customers including FIA approved motorsports seats with both Kevlar and Carbon Fibre options and five-car seat ranges for road users including bucket seats, recliner seats, sports seats and car seats specifically designed for Lotus and Vauxhall performance road cars.

All Corbeau race seats and sports seats are united by the common themes of advanced technology, British manufacturing quality, and a continuous research and development program that is run with the help of our professional motorsports ambassadors who put our seats to the test week in, week out on the track. In this very competitive industry, Corbeau is always developing the product range, ensuring that we take on board feedback from our motorsports and road customers and enhance our products accordingly. Working closely with long term suppliers who understand our 100% commitment to quality means that we always use the most advanced materials available – the end result is the creation of visually stunning and industry-leading seats and harnesses.

Today I am still proud to head up Corbeau and Luke Harnesses and I continue to ensure that both companies’ products meet the standard and quality that our customers have come to expect over the years. I strongly believe that our race seats and road seats are the best available and to strengthen this position, the next 12 months will see the launch of new seats that will enhance our range and keep us ahead of the competition.

In the meantime, I would like to thank our customers for their loyalty and feedback on our products that have greatly helped the evolution of both companies in recent years.

Good luck to you all this season and I hope all our customers enjoy another successful and prosperous year.”